A School Lunch Favorite: Turkey and Cream Cheese Bagel Sandwich
Recipe type: Lunch box
  • Mini Whole Wheat Bagel
  • 2 Tablespoons Cream Cheese
  • Slice or Two of Deli Turkey
  1. Split mini whole wheat bagel in half.
  2. Spread 1 Tablespoon of cream cheese on each half of the bagel.
  3. Fold turkey slices on to the bottom half of the bagel.
  4. Put the top half of the bagel on top of the turkey slices.
We recommend organic ingredients where possible.
A toothpick keeps it together nicely for travel.
Recipe by Juggling Real Food and Real Life at http://jugglingrealfoodandreallife.com/2015/08/a-school-lunch-favorite-turkey-and-cream-cheese-bagel-sandwich.html